About Us

Ferrynews.co.uk was launched with a view to providing freightlink customers with a reliable place to go for industry information and up-to-date news affecting UK ferries and European ferry operations.

The imports and exports are vital to providing a country with a healthy and vibrant economy - especially these days of economic stagnation and unpredictability. Therefore, If there is something directly effecting the European Freight industry, whether political, cultural, or historical, we will try our best to bring you this news.

Based in the UK with a team of multi-lingual speakers and a network of agents operating throughout Europe, the freightlink brand offers a fast, competitive and secure ferry booking service.

For all elements of your bookings, we provide best advice with multiple route options so that you can plan routes and optimise supply chains.

Hope you can find what you want! If you can't contact us, you'll find a link below. We're also on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.